Zakaria Siregar


Facts prove that the actions of Muslims in Jakarta on December 2, 2017 did not interest for mainstream media. Just INews television station that reports live. The biggest act of Muslims who received a positive response from around the world was only follow through social media. Big events involving millions of people who theoretically have value turned out not to be a concern for electronic media. The media with their respective perspectives provide various labels for the activity. This proves clearly how the media through all its devices reconstruct reality in their own ways. The same event is constructed differently, which in turn will lead the society to understand the message to be conveyed through the news text. The theory of Social construction of mass media Peter L Berger and Thomas is the basis for understanding how a reality is reconstructed to be presented to the society. Social construction of mass media dismantles all the meanings contained in the media in the text, audio and visual which have implications for attitudes and public opinion of society.


social construction, mass media, reality

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