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          The University College of Islam Melaka is a private higher learning institution wholly owned by the State Government of Melaka. This institution was established under the Act of Private Higher Educational Institutions 1996. The State Government is committed in excelling the education in conformity with the slogan Melaka Developed State 2010. Furthermore, on 1st July 2009, The Ministry of Higher Education has agreed to upgrade this institution to be a university college. Since, KUIM has introduced a new platform in education by combining the area of Islamic studies which is incorporated with science and psychology discipline. In an effort to rebrand, KUIM has made psychology as its niche area and it has made KUIM as the first private Islamic university that develops and focuses psychology in the tertiary level. This depicts KUIM’s role as an intervention to reduce psychological problems in the community besides fulfilling the labour demand in both private and government sectors.

KUIM continues to move forward as the “Gateway of Human Psychology Study”. Which indeed, with its clear mission and vision, boldly faces any challenges and changes. With the fusion of religious, academic and vocational elements, KUIM produces progressive and righteous graduates that possess high durability to handle future challenges. “Quality is the core of excellence” is the motto to ensure KUIM continues to provide excellency in everything, thus, all programs offered are beyond any discipline including Islamic Studies, Business, Islamic Banking, Sharia Law, Nursing, Biotechnology and Information technology which are competitive and conform to the accreditation by the MQA. The internationalization of KUIM through the internal and overseas academic networking is a pride since it has international students from Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Indonesia and they increase from year to year. In fact, KUIM’s graduates are pursuing their study abroad such as UK, Australia, Egypt, Jordon, Morocco and other Middle East countries which are very encouraging. Due to high achievement and reputation, KUIM is committed to be a world-class Islamic higher learning institution which embraces science and technology.




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