Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences

The Faculty of Nursing was operated in 1995, By the end of 2005, it moved to the Main Campus in Kuala Sungai Baru. This is to ensure all faculties to operate in the Main Campus. Currently, there are 555 Malaysian students (including Sabah and Sarawak) who are undergoing the nursing course.It takes 3 years to complete (6 semesters) where they are taught theoretically and practically. The practicum for the students take place at Putra Specialist Hospital, Segamat Hospital,Terendak Hospital, Temerloh Hospital, Alor Gajah Hospital and Melaka General Hospital.This course has been accredited by the MQA and verified by the Nursing Board Malaysia as well as the International Council of Nursing. The lecturers and clinical instructors are all experienced and expert in the nursing field. Various co- curricular activities are conducted in terms of recreation and sports to ensure tranquility in students.


* Students admission subjected to amendment
* Accredited by MQA


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