Nurul Liyana Hussin, Nur Jihan Hazwani Basri, Nurulhayah Muhamad, Maryam Mohd Esa, Norhazanah Miskan


This study aims to identify the perception and factors that most influence customer satisfaction towards the quality of self-service laundry services by using the SERVQUAL Model. This study uses a questionnaire research instrument that is divided into 7 parts, namely part A on the demographics of the respondents, part B on the dimension of physical form, part C on reliability, part D on the dimension of responsiveness, part E on the dimension of assurance, part F on the dimension of empathy and part G on customer satisfaction. The study sample consists of university staff and students who use the self-service laundry service, a total of 155 people. By using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science), researchers can translate data for descriptive and regression analysis. As a result of the findings of this study, it was found that there is a positive perception in the dimensions of the SERVQUAL model towards the quality of self-service laundry services. In fact, the results of this study also found that dimensions of assurance, responsiveness and physical form have an influence in determining customer satisfaction with the quality of self-service laundry services. At the end of this study, the researcher suggested that business entrepreneurs or self-service services to be more aware of the issue of hygiene, safety and equipment facilities that can work well considering the perception of guarantee, responsiveness and physical form have been proven to have a strong influence in this study.

Keywords: Customer satisfaction, SERVQUAL model, self service laundry

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