Farah Saniah Mohd Zabidi, Noor Azlin Mohd Kasim, Sarimah Ahmad, Nor Hazanah Miskan


The purpose of this paper is to ensure factors that influence waste management practices to sustainable development and economic growth in Malaysia. This paper develops a conceptual framework to improve waste and recycling management by local government and generate wealth to the country, where the factors that influence waste management practices can be identified by educational, social-economic and institutional. The conceptual framework of waste management contributes to government the important factors that can improve waste management implementations and increase wealth through the strategic factors. Document analysis are used to obtained information from different sources to have much knowledge about the issues under consideration and assist in contextualise the research within subject by providing background knowledge and a wide range of facts. This paper finds that waste management can lead to generating wealth if the development of numerous initiatives by the Malaysian government towards sustainable development in waste management practices.


Keywords: Waste to wealth, Educational factors, Income, Institutional factors, Sustainable Development.

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