A Literature Review Of Customer Preferences Towards Private Brands

Maryam Mohd Esa, Rohailin Zainon, Nurulhayah Muhamad, Mohd Farhan Abd Rahman


Previous literatures prove that marketing mix, store loyalty and attitudes towards private brands are pivotal characteristics on customer preferences towards private brands. The purpose of this paper is to give in deep knowledge on characteristics of customer preference towards private brands. Thus, the motivation of this paper is due to recent phenomenon of why the customers are tend to buy the private brand, even though it has been proven in low quality, has become main reason for this research. Therefore, this paper sought to the needs to understand the characteristics that influence customer preferences towards private brand. In addition, a literature reviews on the conceptual factors that significance to the customer preference towards of private brands. As a conclusion, this conceptual paper can contribute to give information to the private brand stores.



Keywords: Customer Preferences, Private Brands


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