A Review On The Advertisement Effectiveness In Service Sector:High Education Attractiveness

Nuur Su'aidah Zakariah, Nor Diyana Abd Rahman, Nurul Ain Dolmat


Advertisement is one of the marketing technique for promoting service to the prospective customers that often been used by many service companies. The main objective of an advertisement is to escalate the number of customers but in many service companies it does not turns into that favorable result. This is due to the effectiveness of the advertisement itself whereby the advertisement made fail to reach the prospective customers and fails to achieve the main objective of advertising. The objective of this paper is to review recent research into the understanding of the advertisement effectiveness in service companies particularly in high education institution and to provide conceptual framework on factors that lead to the attractiveness of the high education institution.

Purpose – This paper aims to review recent researches in the nature of effectiveness of marketing in service sectors, particularly in the point of attractiveness of a high education institution as a service sector business, in order to overcome the challenges on attracting students to further studies.

Design/methodology/approach – A variety of recent research outputs are reviewed including the topics of factors attracting students to study in universities, marketing and promotion and barriers of education.

Findings – The paper concludes that there are many factors that may contribute to the attractiveness of a high education institution. But to sustain the three factors which are the promotional activities, perceived reputation and customer relationship will escalate the number of students enrolled in a high education institution. These are the most recent factors that have been the key factors in many recent researches on marketing a high education institution.

Research implications/limitations – The research reported in this paper would benefit from further in-depth study especially in the marketing of a service business issues.

Originality/value – The paper summarizes the most recent literature review regarding the factors attracting student to enter the high education institution and come out with three main contributing factors to the issues. The paper gives guidance on the related factors that may contribute to the effectiveness of promotions.

Keywords : Higher education, marketing, promotion, advertisement.

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