Yuseni Ab Wahab, Hairul Hazlina Mohd Ali


The critical tasks during evacuation process is how to find the right ways in order to escape
from the danger place to a safe place. In process of finding the right ways, most of the
evacuees are panicked. Subsequently, make the process more difficult. With that occurrence,
the main objectives of this research study are to identify the suitable shortest path algorithm
for evacuation in high rise building, and then design and develop an evacuation route via
shortest path algorithm in order to obtain an exit route to evacuate by using Optimization and
Artificial Intelligence Technique. The objectives that involved are to help the evacuees to find
the best routes during evacuation process. Six phases of methods are raised to accomplish the
objectives by utilizing the Dijkstra and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm. The first step is
started from the original building layout. Then transform the layout into 2D layout plan. After
that, import the matrix data to generate graph theory. Next step is utilizing the both
approaches to achieve the shortest path. The preliminary result has shown positive result
which can deliver the shortest path to help evacuees.


Index Terms—Ant Colony Optimization; Dijkstra’s Algorithm; Evacuation; Shortest Path

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