Nor Asiah Yaakub, Natasha Mazna Ramli, Nurul Aini Muhamed, Izlawanie Muhammad


Payment is one of the critical success factors for a business other than information flow and product flow. While for electronic payment (e –payment), its contributions is valued as highly important for online business, where everything must run faster. The order from customer will be only being processed and shipped once payment is cleared, can be said as one of pushing factors for a customer to pay via online. There are many e-payment tools available such as credit card, charge card, cheques, debit cards and e-wallet. In fact, purchasing via e-commerce doesn’t mean buyers have to directly pay online too or during the transaction. They can also walk in to the banks or used automated teller machines (ATMs) to make payment and transfer the payment information digitally. E-payment is not restricted to the profit-centered company but also apply by non-profit organizations such as government agency and philanthropy institutions as well. As an Islamic philanthropy institution, Pusat Zakat Negeri Sembilan (PZNS) also applying e-payment methods such as internet banking, short messaging system and phone banking as alternative to zakat payers. However, studies on an electronic or online payment and philanthropic activities, specifically in Islamic philanthropic activities such as zakat and waqf are very limited. Thus this conceptual paper discussed on types of e-payment systems available at PZNS. The study is hoped to provide an input to other non- profit organizations especially in utilizing the internet tools to increase collection. Besides, it also perhaps to enrich current literature regarding e-payment and nonprofit organization.


E-payment; Online; Zakat Collection; PZN

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