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  • The form of Quran symbolizes the fundamentals of teaching based on the Qur'an that signifies the completeness of all knowledge.
  • Quran stand symbolizes that KUIM is the medium that provides all the facilities of education for the teaching and learning process.
  • Eight-pointed Islamic geometric symbol shows KUIM’s commitment in providing competency that ought to be achieved by the students upon the completion of their program of study. It meets eight dominant learning outcomes required by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
  • “Mortar board” represents that KUIM always prioritize the excellence of knowledge imparted.
  • The lighting used as the background of the "mortar board" symbolizes KUIM commitments in nurturing human capital that leads to the perfect personality and integrity.
  • Dimensional shape that clamps the eight-pointed Islamic geometric, symbolizing KUIM’s commitments in achieving the excellence in the area of education. It also carries a meaning of devotion to the Almighty in all aspects of life.
  • Arabic and Romanize Alphabet circled around without a border frame shows KUIM’s commitments to surpass any boundaries in achieving the vision of human capital that can meet the needs of current and lifelong learning.
  • The word "KUIM" under Quran stand, which were straight and upright shows KUIM’s firmness to produce the products of good quality in education and have the charisma.
  • Four colours used in the logo:-
  1. Magenta is the official colour of University College of Islam Melaka which means bold, dynamic, cohesive, efficient, and intellectuals
  2. Yellow symbolizes the supremacy and sovereignty of University College of Islam Melaka.
  3. White colour symbolizes purity and sanctity of Islam that form the core of the education system in University College of Islam Melaka.
  4. Black is used as a border, means to control the quality of education that University College of Islam Melaka wish to produce.




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