Faculty of Hospitality Management

Faculty Of Hospitality Management

The Faculty of Hospitality Management was established January 1997 and officially operated on 17th Mei 1997 with its first batch of 54 students taking Diploma in Hospitality Management. Upon elevation to university college status, faculty starts offering Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Honours). This faculty currently have 10 associate Hotels in Malaysia in which they helping KUIM in enhancing hands on skills training for our students. Since the faculty establishment the hotel industry in Malaysia has helped a lot in making sure our graduates fulfilled the industry requirement. Undergraduates from this faculty also involved in students exchange program with JBS International College in Singapore. The faculty now is in progress developing Halal Food Management curriculum to be offered to the food services industry. Faculty also focusing in culinary arts, members from this faculty contributed as a panelist in Festival Siak Bermadah (Food Festival) 2013 in Siak, Indonesia.

* Students admission subjected to amendment
* Accredited by MQA


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