Message From The Vice Chancellor


Prof. Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohd. Taib bin Hj. Dora

Assalamualaikuim W.B.T

Alhamdulillah, firstly let us sang our praise to the creator for with his blessings, we are able to reach the year 2018. 

Alhamdulillah, the year 2018 is filled with various triumphs, challenges, and yet we succeeded through all of them together. All the success and achievement attained by KUIM all this while are the results of the determination, efforts and commitment by KUIM’s committees. Indeed, the success we earned should be fully capitalized by all to achieve our target as a full-fledge university in the year 2018.

I am proud to say that the year 2017 was colored with success stories from both our staffs and students. These achievements are an indication of all the hard work and sincere commitment through close cooperation among all the members of the university. We have all strived to ensure that Islamic University College of Melaka continues to pursue excellence. Nevertheless, we must remain diligent and undeterred by the success in facing the challenges in store in 2018. 

Now in our 2nd year of executing the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan of KUIM, let us step into 2018 with the necessary ambition and resolution to bring ourselves to a higher level. The inevitably challenging landscape and environment this year should not limit neither cease our plans and movements. In fact, all members must find new opportunities that can strengthen our education and research ecosystem for the success of our university college. Our achievements in 2017 must be seen as source of strength and confidence in our ability to perform better in 2018. 

As an institution responsible in exploring the knowledge of the world and the afterlife as well as developing human capital for the development of our nation and prosperity, I hope all the members of KUIM continue to embrace our philosophy, vision and mission. Hence, I encourage all the staffs of KUIM regardless of rank and position to work together as a team in executing what has been entrusted upon us with sincerity. 

Let us strengthen our ukhuwah, improve our productivity, inculcate innovation and pray that we are able to fulfill all the responsibilities given to us with the aim for more successes for the betterment of Islam and our nation.




  University College Of Islam Melaka 
Batu 28, Kuala Sungai Baru,
78200 MelakaMalaysia. 
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  • Last Modified: Friday 16 November 2018.